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Montreux Riviera

Swiss Ski School  

Safety - Fun - Performance

Ecole suisse de ski Montreux Riviera
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Parents' information

Timing and meeting point

Vallon de Villard: 

- Christmas, New year, Half-term and Saturdays : 10am at téléski des Prévondes ( -

                              Shuttle departs at 9:30am from the Montreux train station. Please have ski boots on.

                              Shuttle departs at 9:35am from bus stop Clarens gareon Gambetta Avenue. Please have ski boots on.

-Wednesday: 2pm at ski-lift des Prévondes

                              Shuttle depart at 1:30pm from Montreux railway station. Please have ski boots on.

                              Shuttle depart at 1:35 pm from bus stop Clarens gare. Please have ski boots on.


- New year, Half-Term and Sundays: 9am platform 8 from Montreux train station (Rochers-de-Naye line). Return is at 4:10pm.

- Wednesdays : 1pm  platform 8 from Montreux train station (Rochers-de-Naye line). Return is at 5:10pm.

*Please be aware that children can board the train at all stations along the Montreux-Glion-Naye MOB line. For additional information about time schedule, please go to and contact the Montreux Riviera  Ski School office at +41 21 964 16 21 to notify us.


Winter clothing and physical condition


Our Montreux Riviera Swiss Ski School instructors are trained to teach and take care of children aged of 3 years old and older. The instructors in charge of your children are available for all the information you may need for your children to experience a successful lesson. 


Please make sure your children feel confortable enough in their ski boots before the lessons by testing them at home.

The helmet is highly recommended during lessons. The Montreux Riviera Swiss Ski School ski declines any responsibility for any accident.

Don't forget that practicing skiing involves being outside, in in altitude where temperatures are lower. We advise having ski goggles and to always wear a neck warmer or a scarf.


Children must have had a good sleep, a good breakfast in morning and a good lunch for the afternoon lessons. Children must drink water regularly during the day. Moreover, don't forget pack them a snack. They will be more than happy during their break.

Ski pass

Rochers-de-Naye/Jaman is a Magic Pass resort and it is valid on the train from Montreux to the lifts in resort. Magic passes are sold from CHF269.-(children) and CHF399.- (adults) in April.

Seasonal ski pass for all the lift of Montreux, Veytaux resort are available as pre-order starting the 1st to the 30th November. Prices for the pre-order are:

Montreux' children (from 6 years old) : CHF210.- to pick up at the MOB counter in Montreux or Glion with receipt , passeport picture et proof of residency (Montreux ou Veytaux).


****The Commune de Montreux reimburses CHF100.- of the children the lift passes  (local or Magic Pass). Find out more details here.

Adults (from 18 years old) : CHF420.- to pick up at the MOB counter in Montreux or Glion with receipt , passeport picture et proof of residency (Montreux ou Veytaux)

 Daily ski pass are available at the MOB office in Montreux or Glion. Prices are:

Children(from 6 years old): CHF18.-/day

Adults (from 18 years old): CHF35.-/day

Warning: all the ESS prices doe NOT include the ski passes. 

Ecole Suisse de Ski
Montreux Riviera

Sécurité - Plaisir - Performance

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